Financial services for existing companies
Financial services for existing companies
Financial services for existing companies


Financial services for existing companies

an introduction :



In accordance with the desire of our customers and in response to the needs of the growing labor market and based on our future vision by providing the best services at very reasonable costs,

We, E-MARKITING ON GOOGLE, provide free accounts program to all our customers, which leads to reduced financial burdens and flexibility in dealing smoothly and quickly.


Where our services are summarized as follows:

  1. Providing free accounts program.
  2. Preparing financial and accounting systems, costing systems, and estimated budgets.
  3. Accounting records keeping: Not available for all business organizations, either due to lack of resources or any other reasons, so we provide easy solutions for business organizations and companies. We designed the accounting records keeping service to help business owners get rid of the financial and administrative burdens associated with keeping accounting records This service is affordable and of high quality. Your accounting records will be secure and constantly updated in a way that suits your business sector.

  • Our services that we provide on a weekly basis are summarized in the following:​

Recording all operations with monetary and financial impact (expenses, revenues, banking and banking operations) on the accounts program.

Reviewing and reconciling bank accounts periodically.

Reviewing, auditing and matching the balances of the suppliers' accounts and the amounts owed by the company and submitting a report to the management.

Reviewing, auditing and matching customer account balances and the amounts to be collected from customers and submitting a report to the management.

Follow-up and coordinate periodically with the client's chartered accountant to prevent any future error.

  • Our monthly services are summarized in the following:

Preparing and submitting financial reports to the management (income statement, cash flow statement, preliminary balance sheet) and enhancing them with charts in order to determine the financial position of the company.

Preparing and submitting a report to the management showing the most and least selling materials in the company.

Discussing previous reports with management to find out the weaknesses and strengths in the facility.

Preparing and submitting the salary and wages schedule for the employees of the facility based on the working hours report approved by the management.

Compile and deliver all expenses and revenues to the chartered accountant at the end of each month, while keeping a copy in the facility.

Re-examination and evaluation of the internal control system.

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