Website design and programming
Website design and programming
Website design and programming

Website design and programming

  1. Designing professional websites characterized by sophistication is the company’s goal when designing and programming websites, as we provide a website design service with the latest technologies and technical methods in website design. Complies with international standards in the design and programming of websites
  2. Good planning is the basis for the success of any website. Therefore, we are keen to draw up a strategic plan for the website according to the nature of the website, its activity and the nature of website visitors and customers.
  3. After designing your site and drawing the shape of the initial site, the design and programming team begins to take over their tasks in creating the site, and technical standards for search engines are taken into account as a basic principle in building the website
  4. Domain name block
  5. We offer web hosting service
  6. Landing page design and programming
  7. Service website design and programming
  8. Design and programming of restaurant websites and electronic food menus
  9. Design and programming of educational platforms (Online - Offline)
  10. Design and programming of online store platforms with all their features

What distinguishes our work in the field of web design:

  1. Design websites compatible with search engines and archiving rules
  2. Make a special copy of the site for all types of mobile devices (Responsive)
  3. The website interface is designed in line with the website's activity and is relevant to the company's publications and brochures.
  4. A sophisticated and easy-to-use site control panel for the average user
  5. Building website pages compatible with search engines and SEO
  6. Live support with customers through the site
  7. Connect your site to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc.
  8. The site is registered with the search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and the global directory DMOZ

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